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To offer an Integral Education that helps children to realize their full inner Potential, to open to a New Consciousness, and to become agents of Transformation in the world and creators of the Next Future. A new approach, a paradigm shift.

Teaching-Learning Approaches

Our methods and approach have the following characteristics:

  • A friendly, safe, supportive environment that encourages self-discipline and introspection
  • An emphasis on inquiry based rather then role based learning
  • Inter-disciplinary approach to knowledge is encouraged so that the child can integrate knowledge of different subjects for a natural, holistic self-development
  • A direct focus on development power of the mind and qualities of the heart through special programmes and classes
  • The teacher often leads by example to inspire learning and creates an environment where collective learning and sharing of skills is encouraged
Unique Features
  • A friendly supportive, cooperative environment that allows freedom to the child
  • An integrated and holistic teaching approach that shapes the complete individual
  • Individual attention with not more than 35-40 students per class
  • A dedicated, sensitive and efficient faculty
  • A unique campus made out of a garden, seeped in Nature’s blessings
Project Method

Interdisciplinary approach that enables an integral understanding and practical application is introduced through the ‘project method’. In this approach subjects are taught around a theme. You move from general theme to specific subject, for example student could select’ coconuts’ then study about agriculture, climate, economics, recipes, literature, biology and so on. The learners select their goal after deliberation, they select their theme, do their research, gather information, compile, experiment, infer, share, present and reflect. This is a learner oriented activity where the child has maximum opportunity to explore and become an independent learner, with the teachers always there to guide and help.